Spatial Sea

‘Spatial Sea’ was a site-responsive intervention inspired by the particular geometry and geography of Crete as well as the topographical and topological significance of the Heraklion Venetian fortifications at present times and in the past. It creates an event that entails the zeitgeist of the architectural site and the momentum of the creative mind of the artist as well as the intimate engagement and reading of the visitor.

The intervention occupies the north eastern part of St.George Gate including a main passage and a rotunda with dome. It manipulates light as projection, reflection, and refraction, to create a landscape of water without water. Inspired from the Japanese concept of ‘minamo’ and the interactive installation of Torafu Architects at TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 2011, ‘Spatial Sea’ immerses the viewer into a floating sensation of almost touching but never fully reaching a water surface. As such, one becomes with the space to fully apprehend and appreciate an abstract condition of ever changing and fragile beauty.