Psarologaki, L. (2022) Cultures of Erudition and Desire in University Pedagogy; Thoughts on Practice-led Curricula Before, Through and Beyond Deleuze. Rethinking Education series London: Routledge.


Exhibitions and Curated Projects

2022 – “The Map Is But the Place” drawing series in Every Time We Say Goodbye, The Project Gallery, Athens Greece. 12-27 May 2022 (by invitation).

2022 – “Spring Cleaning” site-specific installation of poetry and sound with award winning novelist Amanda Hodgkinson for Plas Bodfa Continuum, Anglesey. 9 – 24 April 2022.

2021-2022 – “Metatum 2.0 – Beggar’s Velvet” interactive installation with sound at the House and Home exhibition, Suffolk Archives, Ipswich. 14 October 2021-08 January 2022.

2021 – “Green Build Feasts”, community engagement project as part of SPILL Festival of Performance and Activism: On Memory, funded by the RIBA 27-30 October 2021.

2021 – “Hydor 2.0” at Listen from the Well, Barbaros Water Culture heritage Project, Izmir, Turkey 20 October – 12 December 2021.

2018 – “SURFACES: SPACES, PLACES”, Art and Architecture Festival, Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Venice, Italy. 1-30 October 2018.

2017 – “Hydor 2.0” site specific installation at Orpheus Institute, Ghent Belgium 20-22 November 2017.

2017 – “Hydor 2.0” video installation in Monitor Fest’ Festival of Contemporary Art, Heraklion Greece 15-30 October 2017.

2016 – “Spatial Sea – Χωρικά Ύδατα” curated project at St. George Gate, Heraklion Greece, 11-18 July 2016.

2015 – “Beyond the Physical Threshold” doctoral thesis curated solo show, The Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury Kent 8-16 January 2015.

2014 – “Cryptopology” curated project at The Crypt Gallery, St. Pancras Church. London, 13-26 August 2014.

2013 – “Hydor 1.0” site-specific installation at Canterbury Cathedral, 18-20 October 2013.

2011 – “Edolon” site-specific installation in Permanent Collections I, National Museum for Contemporary Art, Olivepress Dromonero Chania Greece.


Scholarly Presentations and Public Talks

November 2022 – “Season of Cleaning” workshop in the Connective Symposium 17-19 November 2022 Fontys University of the Arts Tilburg, The Netherlands (with Amanda Hodgkinson).

June 2022 – “Spring Cleaning” presentation at Act: The RA Architecture Symposium, London Festival of Architecture, The Royal Academy of Arts, London UK (with Amanda Hodgkinson).

May 2022 – “Sentio Ergo Sum Vivus: Affect and Immersion, Art and Architecture Become Experience” presentation at the 2nd Neuroanatomy Conference. School of Medicine, University of Crete, Greece.

November 2021 – “Ethics and Ecology in University Education” Keynote/ Public Talk at RIBA Suffolk Design Awards opening. University of Suffolk, Ipswich UK.

July 2021 – “Arachnean Becoming Ariadnean: Networks of Mitopoesis and Minotechnesis in Posthuman Life” presentation at 13th Deleuze & Guattari Studies Camp and Conference: Territorialities, Exterritorialities, Non-Territorialities. Charles University Prague, Czech Republic.

December 2020 – “Pediagogy of Practice: Creating Pivotal Cultures for Learning Architecture” virtual presentation with Benjamin Powell at Teaching-Learning-Research: Design and Environments Architecture_MPS PARADE conference Manchester School of Architecture. Available at:

September 2020 – Organiser and conveyor of international one day virtual RIBA conference The Built Environment As Sustainable Ecosystem, as part of the RIBA initiative People-Places-Planet.

February 2020 – “Urban Sensoma: Redefining Affect in Public Spatial Practice” presentation at Culture in Urban Space, Urban Form, Cultural Landscapes, Life in the City Island Dynamics International Conference, Macau Sweden.

May 2019 – “Sentio ergo sum vivus: aesthetic comma, the architectural cyborg and Descartes’s errors after Deleuze and Democritus” round-table contribution at Architectures of Life and Death, 8th Annual Deleuze Conference Delft University of Technology. Delft The Netherlands.

April 2019 – “Sensoma: Redefining Common Sense in Public Spatial Practice” presentation at The Street and the City: Encounters International Conference, Alameda da Universidade School of Arts and Humanities. Lisbon Portugal.

October 2018 – “Making Architecture | Making Architects” Keynote/ Public Lecture at RIBA Suffolk Autumn Exhibition opening. University of Suffolk, Ipswich UK.

April 2018 – “Atmospheres of Fabulation: Mythopoesis and Chronotopos in post-truth era”, presentation at Experiencing Architecture: Inviting Dialogue Symposium. Royal Academy of Arts. London UK.

April 2018 – “Fabulation + Mythopoesis in post-truth era” presentation at Moving Images – Static Spaces: Architectures, Art, Media, Film, Digital Art and Design, Amps Conference. Altinbaş University. Istanbul Turkey.

November 2017 – “Artistic spatiotemporal experiences after Gilles Deleuze, Alain Badiou, and Brian Massumi; a theory of becoming”, presentation at DARE 2017 Aberrant Nuptials Conference on Deleuze and Artistic Research, Orpheus Institute. Ghent, Belgium.

March 2016 – “Interdisciplinary Research Methods on Architectural Space after Brian Massumi”, public lecture at the National Technical University of Athens School of Architecture. Athens Greece.

November 2016 – “Art Kissing Architecture: A Spatial Debate”, invitational presentation at the A for Architecture open lecture series, University of Salford Intl. School of the Built Environment. Manchester UK.


Recent Publications

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