Estrangement was a site-notational project that has reference to the main pedestrian subway in the town of Dover in Kent. Observational mapping of passers-by flow as well as the making of a panoramic notation video explored immersion as a layer of data to be inserted and perceived in a site different from the one they describe. In the attempt to create the feeling of nausea from being trapped in a spinning motion, model and video constructed an off-site virtual space that (re)presented the site as distorted via photographic or moving image. An immediate relationship between subject and surroundings is established.

In contrast with the everyday sensuous activity, experiencing Estrangement involves the input of sensory data that is not accurate, for instance ones limited only to peripheral vision or moving too fast during spinning. Losing awareness of location in the immediate world as well as the feeling of being trapped in a spatial continuum with no escape, although no physical barriers are set, are two affects that come as a consequence of the untying of consciousness to specific spatial events.

Watch ESTRANGEMENT on Vimeo.